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"If we let stuff go, it enables us to allow healthier new energy to come into our lives."
The Oregonian’s New Years Resolution Edition, January 2, 2007

             "Jennifer Carey Davis and Ducks in a Row catered our Wedding Celebration and blew us away. While we are an unconventional couple – who were married and celebrated our union in an unconventional way, Jennifer and her crew stepped up to the plate to make our reception an unforgettable affair. We didn’t worry about anything once we put together the menu and room layout. Ducks in a Row did everything else, taking the stress off of Us and allowing us to enjoy our day. "

             "The food was incredible – the selection and presentation equally as stunning.  The drinks were flowing and our guests were treated like Royalty."

Timm & Dan Kelley McBride
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             "Jennifer has been in command of my personal expenses for round about three  years now. "

             "In addition to reigning in my deeply confused and decimated system for financial existence, she has also – at my insistence- brow beaten me in times of rational loss and sweetly rewarded me with praise when I got it right…Above all, her utter competence in handling my affairs, permeates every aspect of my life in such a way as to allow peaceful sleep and hope in my darkest hours. "

C Adkins
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             "For most of the eight years I was Head of School at Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, Oregon, Jennifer Carey-Davis worked with me on many projects."

            "She catered hundreds of formal and informal events, from dinner parties for 10 to the Senior Tea for 200. She took care of my son when I had to travel, and oversaw many household and financial matters."

            "She is efficient, very quick, very professional, and very talented. When she used others in her employ, they were always gracious and effective. She is a good boss—kind yet firm."

            "During the course of her work for me, many who visited my house were so impressed with her work that they also hired her. I was always grateful that she put OES and her work for me first, through 2006, when I left to move to the east coast."

            "I spoke to many people about the help they had, both school heads and members of the OES family. I don't think I ever heard of anyone better than Jennifer. What you see is what you get. I urge you to interview her, and you will see the qualities of excellence to which I refer. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me, if you would like to discuss any aspect of Jennifer's work. I am at or 802.299.9526."

Dulany O. Bennett, Psy.D.(Head of OES 1998-2006 )
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